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Main scuba place in Israel is the Eilat city on the Red Sea.

Locatie: Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Lebanon
Geografische coordinaten: 31° 30' N, 34° 45' E
Kustlijn km: 273 km km
Klimaat: temperate; hot and dry in southern and eastern desert areas
Terrein: Negev desert in the south; low coastal plain; central mountains; Jordan Rift Valley
Hoogte: lowest point: Dead Sea -408 m highest point: Har Meron 1,208 m
Natuurlijke gevaren: sandstorms may occur during spring and summer; droughts; periodic earthquakes
Valuta: New Israeli Shekel (ILS)
Populatie: 6,352,117 (July 2006 est.)
Talen: Hebrew (official), Arabic used officially for Arab minority, English most commonly used foreign language
Hoofdstad: Jerusalem
Provincies: 6 districts (mehozot, singular - mehoz); Central, Haifa, Jerusalem, Northern, Southern, Tel Aviv

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Zones (2) Duiklocatie Sub zones
Mediterranean 6 0
Red Sea - Eilat 13 0


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gaziv avatar
Coral Beach
Per gaziv
mar 19, 2018
Nice -
gaziv avatar
Dolphin Reef
Per gaziv
mar 29, 2015
Dolphins -
yuraeis avatar
Per yuraeis
set 24, 2012
D-15 Mearot Mudrehet -
yuraeis avatar
University Beach
Per yuraeis
set 24, 2012
D-14 Universita Mudrehet - Univerita Beach      
yuraeis avatar
Moses Rock
Per yuraeis
set 24, 2012
D13 Refesh -   Refresh dive with Romi


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yuraeis avatar
Viatge: Eilat September 2012
Per yuraeis
Des de set 23, 2012 fins a set 30, 2012
Eilat 1 week in Club-Inn and many dives, sun and sea
Ofir1 avatar
Viatge: Eilat with mom, Inbar and Omer
Per Ofir1
Des de feb 22, 2010 fins a feb 25, 2010
First Dive trip to israel.... Vis is great!
Pisco23 avatar
Viatge: Family Vacation
Per Pisco23
Des de des 24, 2009 fins a gen 2, 2010
Family vacation at club med, did mostly kids stuff and some wind and kite boarding, but also managed to slopeoff for a dive.
summoner avatar
Viatge: Diving Eilat
Per summoner
Des de oct 2, 2009 fins a oct 6, 2009
The diving coast along the southern beaches of Eilat is a pleasure for divers! numerous dive clubs, decent rental prices and all sites are accessible from the shore! Get into any of the clubs, suit up your gear and get into the water in one of


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