Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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The demon stinger and waspfishes. Part 15 of my documentary, "Mucky Secrets", about the fascinating marine creatures of the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia. Watch the full 90-minute documentary at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJMZ6reOB0E

One fish that divers should be wary of in the Lembeh Strait is the demon stinger (Inimicus didactylus) as its sting is extremely painful and can be deadly to humans. They have excellent camouflage and often lie partially buried in the muck. These fish are more closely related to the lethal stonefish than to scorpionfishes, and are known by a multitude of other evocative common names including spiny devilfish, bearded ghoul and sea goblin.

The lower two rays of the pectoral fins are detached from the fin, and the demon stinger walks on them in a manner similar to some dragonets.

Demon stingers have no known predators. Many fellow bottom dwellers are oblivious to their existence. We see a fireworm (Chloeia parva) a type of bristleworm, crawling right over the top of a well-camouflaged demon stinger.

Like their scorpionfish relatives, waspfishes (family Tetrarogidae) are also armed with venomous spines in their dorsal fin. We see another type of polychaete worm wriggling past a wispy waspfish (Paracentropogon longispinis). The wispy waspfish's coloration is variable.

Bandtail waspfishes (Paracentropogon zonatus) are sometimes found too, and the whiteface waspfish (Richardsonichthys leucogaster) is one of the more common types.

With its spines erect, like its namesake's crest, the cockatoo waspfish (Ablabys taenianotus) sways from side to side, mimicking a dead leaf in surge. They are sometimes found in pairs on the open seabed.

There are English captions showing either the full narration or the common and scientific names of the marine life, along with the dive site names.

The full Mucky Secrets nature documentary features a huge diversity of weird and wonderful marine animals including frogfish, nudibranchs, scorpionfish, crabs, shrimps, moray eels, seahorses, octopus, cuttlefish etc..

Thanks to Chris Zabriskie of http://chriszabriskie.com for the music track "Divider", and to Kevin MacLeod of http://www.incompetech.com for the track, "Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Mermaid". These tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Thanks to the staff and keen-eyed divemasters of Two Fish Divers (http://www.twofishdivers.com), for accommodation, diving services and critter-spotting.

The video was shot by Nick Hope with a Sony HVR-Z1P HDV camera in a Light & Motion Bluefin HD housing with Light & Motion Elite lights and a flat port. A Century +3.5 diopter was used for the most of the macro footage.

I have more scuba diving videos and underwater footage on my website at:

I post updates about my videos here:

Full list of marine life and dive sites featured in this video:

00:00 Demon Stinger, Inimicus didactylus, Aer Perang
00:23 Demon Stinger, Inimicus didactylus, Nudi Retreat
00:30 Demon Stinger, Inimicus didactylus, Police Pier
00:48 Fireworm, Chloeia parva, Aer Perang
01:16 Wispy Waspfish, Paracentropogon longispinis, Makawide
01:33 Wispy Waspfish, Paracentropogon longispinis, TK 2
01:44 Bandtail Waspfish, Paracentropogon zonatus, Tanjung Kusu-Kusu
01:54 Whiteface Waspfish, Richardsonichthys leucogaster, Makawide
02:29 Cockatoo Waspfish, Ablabys taenianotus, Nudi Retreat
02:44 Cockatoo Waspfish, Ablabys taenianotus, Jahir 03:49

Nudi Retreat

Aer Perang lies on the Sulawesi bank of the Lembeh Strait. The name means "war water" originated because just after WWI a passing warship blasted a hole in the rocks to get at the fresh water. The video stars the weedy scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa), for many the 'holy grail' of underwater critters.

 The video opens with Banggai cardinalfish which originate from Indonesia's Banggai island. Legend has it that a bag of these fish intended for an aquarium was accidentally dropped into the Lembeh Strait, whereupon the fish flourished. They now compete with anemonefish for shelter amongst the strait's anemones. The video also features nudibranchs, a demon stinger, a cockatoo waspfish, a snake eel and saddleback anemonefish.

Shot in June 2006 at http://www.TwoFishDivers.com

The music is Afterglow by Toao of http://www.soilsound.com

More Lembeh Strait muck diving videos on http://www.bubblevision.com/underwater-videos/Lembeh/ 02:14

Air Prang


Bodman Alter Hafen


Pelagic Park
Costa Rica

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Le Prophète


Nudi Retreat


Ko Bon


Sika Bisage

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