Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 Moku Hooniki

USA, Hawaii, Maui

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Datum: WGS84 [ Help ]
Precisie: Ongeveer

GPS Historie (1)

Breedtegraad: 21° 7.942' N
lengtegraad: 156° 42.291' W

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Hoe? Per boot

Afstand Lange aanvaartijd (> 30min)

gemakkelijk te vinden? Moeilijk te vinden

 Duiklocatie Karakteristieken Characteristics

Gemiddelde diepte 18.3 m / 60 ft

max diepte 30.5 m / 100.1 ft

Stroming Medium ( 1-2 knopen)

Zicht Heel goed ( > 30 m)


Duiklocatie kwaliteit Geweldig

Ervaring CMAS ** / AOW

Bio interest Interessant

Meer details

Week drukte 

Weekend drukte 

Duik type

- Drift duik
- Diep
- Haaien

Duiklocatie activiteiten

- Biologie


- Stroming

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Door Anonymous , 26-09-2010

Dive of a Lifetime! - I just got back from Moku Hooniki (off-gassing as I write this). I went out with Lahaina Divers (they run trips on Tues. & Sat.). This was the dive of a lifetime. We got lucky with some of the calmest conditions possible (only about 5 mph winds and 3 ft seas, as opposed to the usual 30+ winds and 10+ seas). Because of the conditions, we got to dive one of the areas at Moku Hooniki that is rarely accessible (this on top of the fact the entire trip is already pretty rare).

Our second dive was at "Fish Rain" and you can understand how it gets its name. On both dives we saw 10-14 ft hammerheads! On the first dive, there was even a group of at least a dozen and on the second, they got friendly and came pretty close.

If you are an advanced diver, this is definitely a must do! I would not recommend it if you are not completely confident in your diving. Between the boat ride, live drop off and pick-up, strong current, necessity for good air consumption, blue ocean (no bottom in spots), depth, etc., it does require a little skill. If you are up to it, definitely do it. I am already trying to figure out when I can dive it again.

Door maschae , 12-05-2010

On Molokai but accessable from Maui - Although located just off of Molokai, this site is usually accessed via a sometimes rough boat ride from Maui.

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