Big eye, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Titel : Manado Tua Underwater

Beschrijving : Manado Tua, meaning "old Manado", is a dormant volcanic island lying north of Bunaken Island. The video opens with the swim-throughs at Alung Banua on Bunaken Island itself and footage from the dive site of Mandolin. We then visit Negeri and Bualo on the southern coast of Manado Tua where we meet a bearded scorpionfish, a Bunaken trademark golden sea squirt with a Phyllidiella pustulosa wart sea slug, a Chromodoris dianae nudibranch, a gold-speckled flatworm, a Pacific clown anemone shrimp, leaf scorpionfish, cloudy dascyllus, cinnamon clownfish, spinecheek anemonefish, a fire dartfish and a christmas tree worm. Shot in June 2006 with More Bunaken and Manado videos at

Tags : Manado, Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Bunaken, scuba diving, underwater, diving, Indonesia, Sulawesi, Negeri, Bualo, Alung Banua, Mandolin, clownfish, leaf scorpionfish, nudibranch, coral, reef, fish, Nick Hope, Bubble Vision, Two Fish Divers, yt:quality=high

Beoordeling : 4.79

Duur : 00:01:45

Video aangebracht door Nick Hope (10-07-2012)

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