Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 Saint Johns


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Door Anonymous , 08-01-2006

St John's Stunning but no longer a wilderness - The St Johns area offers excellent diving even in these days of mass tourism.
The number of liveaboard dive boats in the area has increased dramatically in recent years.
Habili Ali is arguably the best dive in the area. however a busy day would have a dozen or more liveaboards jostling for a place to moor up and most of these boats hold 20 guest. a quiet day, if you're lucky may only see 3 or 4. You no longer get on a liveaboard in Egypt to get away from the crowds and dive in remote places. You now do a liveaboard to get access to the good,more remote, diving with everyone else. That said the diving is still well worth doing, just dont expect to be the only boat on a dive site - those days vanished when the airport near Marsa Alam open a number of years back.

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